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Brampton’s most amazing retail Cannabis store.

The DAB team has a passion for Cannabis. We are dedicated to keeping up with the trends and wants of our community. We strive to provide you with a great buying experience with lots of quality choices.

Buying from DAB Cannabis isn’t just a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

All visitors must have a valid government-issued ID ready upon arrival.


During the provincial mandated lockdown:

  • In-store shopping is currently suspended
  • We can only service curbside pick-up or delivery orders
  • We can not take orders at the door
  • All orders must be placed in advance (online or over the phone)

Please check out our products page for our menu and instructions.



When ordering: Select Curbside Pick-up or Delivery

You will receive 3 text messages which indicate:
-Your order has been submitted
-Your order has been confirmed
-Your order is ready for pickup or on the way for delivery 


Once you receive a text confirming your order is ready for pick-up:
-Please visit the front door of the store
-Have your identification and method of payment ready
-Must be the same as the person who placed the order
-A team member will confirm your ID and retrieve your order


-Orders must be placed by 6:00 p.m.
-Have your ID and information used to pay available
-Must be the same as the person who placed the order
-A team member will review this information
-They will then contact the store to confirm your details
-Then your order will be confirmed and processed


We cannot deliver an order to your home after 7:59 p.m. This is the law during the COVID lockdown.

If your order can not be fulfilled before that time, we will contact you to provide the option to cancel or have it delivered the next day.

DAB Cannabis