Naturally Nutra – CBD:CBG Menthol Lemon Balm Sublingual Spray – Hybrid – 30ml


Revitalize CBD/CBG sublingual spray is crafted with a blend of 1,000 mg of CBD and 1,000 mg of CBG in MCT coconut oil. It has a sweet symphony of monk fruit and xylitol.

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Product Information

Our meticulously crafted sublingual spray offers a blend of high quality cannabinoids with 1,000 mg of CBD and 1,000mg of CBG per bottle. We’ve incorporated a rich spectrum of colloidal minerals in our proprietary formula. These include colloidal silver, colloidal copper, colloidal gold, colloidal magnesium and colloidal zinc. It has a touch of menthol, the aromatic zest of lemon balm and the essence of peppermint extract, offering a delightful taste. Our spray is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and xylitol. Every aspect of our CBD:CBG Menthol Lemon Balm sublingual spray is designed with convenience in mind. The compact bottle is portable. Its easy-to-use spray nozzle allows for precise dosing. Our spray is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. The inclusion of natural emulsifiers and preservatives such as sunflower lecithin, citric acid, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate ensures that every batch stays fresh without compromising on quality.


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