Snap Back – Wild Raspberry Peach Seltzer – Hybrid – 355ml


Snap Back’s Wild Raspberry Peach Seltzer: Luscious fruits meet a THC sparkle. Zero added sugar.

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Introduce your palate to Snap Back’s Wild Raspberry Peach Seltzer. Every 355ml can is a splash of sophistication, merging the rebellious tartness of wild raspberries with the gentle caress of ripe peaches. This is a dance of flavours in a seltzer form, all with zero added sugar, because we believe in letting the real taste of fruit shine. Powered by a discreet 10mg THC infusion courtesy of our cutting-edge Envision Emulsions technology, you’re in for a seamless experience that whispers quality without a hint of cannabis aftertaste. Our seltzer is less about looking back and more about savouring the moment. It’s a toast to the free spirits, to the epicureans and the dreamers. Pop the can and savour the fresh, fizzy, fruit-forward indulgence.


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